Garbage Monster at MICF


Alice Tovey: Garbage Monster is coming to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

When was the last time you took the bins out?

Harvey Weinstein. Katy Perry. Bootcut jeans. All of these have been placed firmly in the bin. But we haven’t had to take our bins out for many years, and something’s starting to smell. Alice Tovey's quick-witted new show Garbage Monster explores the parts of ourselves - and our society - that we hide away and bury deep.

Even when we take out the bins – where does it all go? Are our emotional landfills just filling up with garbage men and outdated food trends? Does what we put into the bin disappear, or is it just out of sight and, eventually, out of mind. Garbage Monster taps into hatred, forgiveness, self-care, and most importantly, how to be a sexy feminist as a means of busting out of your own echo chamber.

If you can't get enough whip-smart comedy, then set your sights on Alice Tovey. - Time Out

'Slick and terrific.' - Daily Review

'Alice Tovey’s insightful musical comedy skewers gender expectations.' - The Age

'Alice Tovey is a fierce operatic rock goddess.' - Aussie Theatre

'Fans of Tom Lehrer, or Tim Minchin, will be right at home here.' - Australian Arts Review